How Medicare supplement plans work with Medicare

Medicare supplement plan is also known as Medigap. It is always offered through private insurance companies, unlike the original Medicare. You may consider getting a Medicare supplement plan since the original Medicare doesn’t pay for everything but only pays for your supplies and health care services. With Medicare supplement plan, you can pay medical costs that the original Medicare doesn’t cover, for example, deductibles for the year, emergency overseas travel, and copayments. Here is an overview of how Medicare supplement plans work with Medicare.  It is called Medicare supplement plan because it supplements your original Medicare benefits. In order to be eligible for Medigap coverage, you have to be enrolled in original Medicare for your medical coverage and hospital. If you are under the age of 65, you may not be able to get Medicare supplement coverage because of the state you are living in like disability. For those who are under 65 years of age and have enrolled in original Medicare, should find out with their state’s insurance department if they are eligible for to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan.

Medicare supplement plan doesn’t include drug prescription coverage so you should keep that in mind. You will need to enroll in a stand-alone Medicare prescription plan if you want help with your medication costs. Medigap is only used to cover costs in the original Medicare but, you cannot use to pay for costs you may have with Medicare Advantage plan. If you have both Medicare supplement plan and original Medicare, original Medicare will be used to make payments first and Medigap will be used to fill in the remaining cost. In order to get a Medicare supplement plan, it is a requirement that you must have both Medicare part A and B. Medicare supplement plans covers one person only if you have a family you spouse and children are required to have separate plans. Generally, you can use Medicare supplement plan with any provider that accepts Medicare. But not all of them accept some types of Medigap require you to use your provider networks.  Medicare supplement plans 2018 are generally expensive and costs vary between plans with the same benefits. You can apply for a Medicare supplement plan any time you want so long as you are enrolled in Medicare part A and B. It is important to buy a Medicare supplement plan when the enrollment period is open which starts in the month you are 65.